Mill Creek Yacht Club

The Mill Creek Yacht Club


mcyc_stickerThe Mill Creek Yacht Club (MCYC) is simply a group of individuals that have braved the waters of the Mill Creek on one or more canoe trip expeditions. MCYC reached its 100th outing and hit over 600 crewmates on May 4, 2014.  We have covered 26 of the 28 miles by canoe! Paddling is the best way to experience Mill Creek oddities while learning about the stream.  Our maiden voyage was in April 1994 as an antidote to all the board room meetings and devoted hours to Mill Creek discussion but nary a minute to Mill Creek experience. Some of our voyages have triggered corrective actions by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Ohio EPA, Metropolitan Sewer District, Village of Glendale and others. We have been out during every month of the year in sun, rain, wind and snow. We have started before sunrise and finished after sunset.

Much of the Mill Creek has become familiar, but it never stops amazing us. Maketewah (Indian name for Mill Creek) still holds unrevealed secrets.

Crew Mates of the Mill Creek Yacht Club

 Since its inception in 1994, the Mill Creek Yacht Club has:

Mill Creek Yacht Club adventure

Those who have experienced the Mill Creek include members of congress, mayors, a state legislator, a county commissioner, Council members, township trustees, consultants, public works directors, sewer district directors, watershed group directors, planners, journalists, videographers, stream specialists, professors, regulators, business people, landowners, engineers, environmentalists and a dog.

Float the Mill Creek! Check out the Mill Creek Paddle Map or find out how to register for an upcoming Public Urban Stream Adventure

Anyone who floats with us on the long-abused but resurgent Mill Creek is a crewmate of the Mill Creek Yacht Club. Paddling the Mill Creek is fun with a purpose. We not only enjoy recreation, but also learn about the stream, exchange ideas, raise public awareness, report problems, find opportunities for improvement and rediscover our connection to a public waterway. The Mill Creek is rich in heritage. It has a lot of untapped potential.

Stream Cleanups

2010 Cleanup with Pick Up America

Stream cleanups are also a big part of the Mill Creek Yacht Club, with 27 trips dedicated to cleanups thus far. Since 1995, the Mill Creek Yacht Club, in concert with Reading Litter Cleanup Day and The Great American Cleanup, has organized a cleanup by canoe on the Mill Creek in the communities of Reading and Lockland every year. The pay is zero, the weather is iffy and the working conditions are worse than what chain gangs endure. But the camaraderie is great and the feeling of accomplishment is real.

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