What We Do

Our Goals

The Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  We use our funds to implement improvement in the Mill Creek Watershed.


Dr. Michael Miller takes a water sample for quality analysis

Dr. Michael Miller takes a water sample for quality analysis

Building Consensus

With 37 political jurisdictions within our 166 square-mile watershed, decision-making can be a challenge. The Council was formed to be a voice for the Mill Creek in this complex regulatory maze.

Watershed Action Planning

This collaborative process inventories causes and sources of watershed impairment, prioritizes activities to improve water quality, and builds consensus among watershed stakeholders to provide environmental and economic benefit in the Mill Creek Watershed.

Project Implementation

From stream restoration to wetland construction to innovative stormwater management, the Council puts projects in the ground that deliver environmental and economic benefits in the Mill Creek Watershed.

Opportunity to Know Your Watershed

What’s all this water quality improvement for if you can’t enjoy it? So join us in exploring and protecting our resurgent urban stream.

Advancing Research and Knowledge

The Mill Creek is showing marked improvement in water quality habitat for pollution-sensitive wildlife. Scientific research and monitoring tell the story of this improvement and guide investment in projects that return the biggest environmental benefits. The Council works to understand the science behind changes in the Mill Creek Watershed and endeavors to share that knowledge with others.