The Council implements a number of programs to continue improvement in the Mill Creek Watershed.  

Council Work Groups

The Council has work groups to help address specific areas of concern in the Mill Creek Watershed.

Water Resources Committee – areas of focus include:

Richard Osgood and Jeff Agricola at February 2012 Full Council meeting

Development Committee – areas of focus include:
 Recreation Committee – areas of focus include:


If you are interested in joining a Council work group, contact:, or (513) 563-8800.

Rain Gardens


Coney Island rain garden, planted with US Bank employees

The Council is actively promoting the installation of rain gardens and green design to address storm water quantity and quality concerns. Rain gardens are a simple and effective way to filter excess pollutants from storm water before it flows into storm sewers and into our creeks and rivers. Rain gardens also promote filtration of rain water into the ground thus increasing local ground water supply and reducing the amount of water that needs to be carried by our storm sewers.