Watershed Action Planning

Watershed action planning is a collaborative process that prioritizes activities to improve water quality and identifies causes and sources of watershed impairment. The Lower Mill Creek Watershed Action Plan was endorsed in 2014. 

Watershed Action Planning


Upper Mill Creek Watershed Symposium, October 2012

A Watershed Action Plan (WAP) uses a watershed approach to locate areas of concern and define ways to improve water quality. One of the biggest beneficial uses of a WAP is to locate priority project areas and use the endorsed plan to apply for state and federal funding. The Council is here to help your community identify grant funds to improve water quality and reduce maintenance costs within the watershed. For example, we have helped Forest Park land over $44,000 in funding for a stream restoration demonstration project, and in Sharonville, funding was secured for Twin Creek Preserve for stream and wetland restoration to reduce flooding and improve water quality.


Endorsed WAPs