Beaver Run

Walking across the bridge in Chamberlain Park in Springdale gives you a true sense of the beauty found along the Mill Creek. Beaver Run, a tributary of the Mill Creek, runs through Chamberlain Park in Springdale and is the location of the Beaver Run Riparian Corridor Restoration Project. 

Beaver Run

Beaver Run construction337

Beaver Run construction

This section of Beaver Run suffered continuous streambank erosion and downstream sediment deposits. The extensive hydro-modification cut deep into streambeds, undermined fill materials, sent sediments downstream, and collected discarded items including shopping carts.

What is Beaver Run?

Beaver Run is a beautiful stretch of stream that is accessible to the community and a perfect location for a picnic or a stroll. Plantings of native shrubs and trees enhance wildlife habitat and increase biodiversity, beautifying the stream corridor. Phase I was completed in 2004, which included 1,600 feet of stream bank stabilization and plunge pool construction, with soft armoring and installation of native plants along the bank. Phase II was completed in 2012 with the replacement of a failed gabion wall. The 30 feet tall bank has been stabilized with a gently sloped terrace wall. The project restored the riparian corridor and stabilized 230 linear feet of stream, securing the bank for years to come. Phase I was funded through a grant from the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund for $394,000 and Phase II was funded with Section 319 Grant Funds of $274,618.

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Chamberlain Park, west of Chesterdale Road and just north of I-275, on Marwood Lane.


Chamberlain Park: Basketball court, soccer field, grill, picnic tables, playground equipment, ball diamond, and a water fountain.

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