Duke Two-Stage Channel

The runoff from this commercial area drains to the channel where nutrients, pollutants, and sediment are processed by the ecological habitat within the two-stage channel.

Duke Realty Two-Stage Channel

In West Chester, the Duke Realty two-stage channel was constructed at the center of a commercial park. World Park at Union Center is located along the project site and benefits from this stormwater best management practice.

What is the Duke Realty Two-Stage Channel?

A two-stage channel is a stormwater best management practice that can help to transport large flows of water with reduced erosion while also maintaining a more natural environment. The two-tier design provides a flood zone during high flows, slowing water down and allowing the natural environment to settle out nutrients and sediment.

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Along Meridian Way in West Chester, off of W Chester Rd. (World Park at Union Center)

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