West Fork Mill Creek Headwaters Restoration

The West Fork Mill Creek Headwaters Restoration Project restores a 200’ segment of an unnamed tributary stream to the West Fork Mill Creek.

West Fork Mill Creek Headwaters Restoration Project

High-velocity stormwater flowing off of impervious surfaces in developed areas and discharging directly to streams is a primary source of water quality impairment in the Mill Creek Watershed. The natural flow regime and habitat of urban streams are often further hindered by extensive piping which removes these streams almost entirely as natural landscape features. 

What is the West Fork Mill Creek Headwaters Restoration Project?

Streambank stabilization construction

Through bank stabilization, removal of concrete channel armoring, and revegetation with native trees and shrubs, this project dissipates the erosive energy of stormwater flowing off of the neighboring school and park that is routed into the storm sewer system and discharged to the stream. Reduced erosion means less sedimentation, less maintenance for the City of Forest Park, and improved habitat for aquatic organisms. The natural filtration properties of native aquatic vegetation remove nutrients and pollutants from stormwater entering the channel.

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The project is located behind the Forest Park Senior Center: 11555 Winton Road, Forest Park, Ohio 45240



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