Liz Claiborne Wetlands

In 2000-2001, a wetland enhancement project was developed behind the Liz Claiborne Distribution Center along the Mill Creek near Union Center Boulevard. The wetland is filled with native plants and is both pleasing to the eye and reduces the amount of pollution and sediment that reaches the Mill Creek. 

Liz Claiborne Wetlands

In the commercial and industrial area of the Upper Mill Creek Watershed, restoring wetlands in a highly developed area improves the Mill Creek, reduces downstream flooding and provides valuable habitat.  

What are the Liz Claiborne Wetlands?

The stream banks are stabilized with coil matting and native plants

This wetland is a demonstration project for stormwater best management practices in the Upper Mill Creek Watershed. Before the wetland was constructed, stormwater from adjacent roads, parking lots, and rooftops runs directly into the Mill Creek. After wetland installation, stormwater drains through wetland ponds and swales, natural filtration systems that remove sediment and pollutants harmful to aquatic organisms, before reaching the Mill Creek. This $450,000 project was funded by a federal Section 319 grant and local in-kind services.

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West of 747 (Princeton-Glendale Road) between Union Centre Blvd and Port Union. Address of formor Liz Claiborne Distribution Center: 8741 Jacquemin Drive, West Chester Township, OH 

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