Morris Farm Wetlands

For those traveling through on Port Union Canal Trail, an attractive destination for a scenic walk and wildlife viewing can be found at the Port Union Conservation Corridor. 

Morris Farm Wetlands

The 31-acre park, also known as the Morris Farm Floodplain Wetlands, contain a restored wetland area and a grassed loop trail around the ponds.

What are the Morris Farm Floodplain Wetlands?

Beautiful view of Morris Farm

Wetlands and improved habitat were created in the Upper Mill Creek Watershed from a flat, featureless farm field residing within the 100-year floodplain between a channelized tributary of the Mill Creek and an abandoned segment of the Miami-Erie Canal.

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Union Center Boulevard, West Chester, OH (between Le Saint Drive and Seward Road)


Primitive loop trail through the site, parking, picnic area.

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