Reading Residential Stormwater Demonstration

The offices of the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities have been outfitted with four stormwater best management practices to demonstrate a variety of methods for managing stormwater on residential properties.

Reading Residential Stormwater Demonstration

The Reading Residential Stormwater Demonstration features several residential-scale stormwater best management practices in a highly visible location.

Located at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Walnut Street in the heart of Reading, the Reading Residential Stormwater Demonstration provides visitors with several examples of stormwater management on a residential scale. This project demonstrates how homeowners can be part of the solution to erosion, stormwater pollution, and combined sewer overflows.


What is the Reading Residential Stormwater Demonstration?

Rainwater that falls on the roof of the house is captured and directed to rain barrels and a flow-through planter.  A permeable paver walkway captures rainwater and directs it to a gravel storage layer beneath the pavers, along with overflow from the rain barrels and flow-through planter.  Yard surface runoff and overflow from the paver system is directed into the rain garden, where it is infiltrated into the soil and sustains the native plantings.  An overflow drain directs excess runoff from the largest storm events to the storm sewer. This demonstration provides a natural filtration process for stormwater before it enters the stream. All project features can be replicated by homeowners throughout the watershed.  


Project Features
Project Goals
  • Demonstrate a variety of stormwater management practices on a residential scale
  • Reduce peak stormwater flows
  • Filter pollutants out of stormwater
  • Allow rainwater to infiltrate into the ground as opposed to running off
  • Provide bird and butterfly habitat using native plants
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1223 Jefferson Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 43215

Located at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Walnut Street. 


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