Wildermuth Wetland Restoration Project

At the site of an old agricultural field, this restored floodplain is protected in perpetuity under conservation easement. Surrounded by commercial, industrial, and institutional property, the 29-acre area provides high quality habitat, flood control, and open space for wildlife.

Wildermuth Stream and Floodplain Wetland Restoration

In 2004 this parcel was identified as a priority project area in the Upper Mill Creek Watershed Action Plan. For ten years the project has been recommended as a restoration project to provide enhanced flood storage, reduce nutrient loads, and improve habitat and water quality.

What is the Wildermuth Wetland Project? outfall_edited700

The property was donated to West Chester Township in 2008 by Robert Wildermuth. Restoration of the floodplain wetland and stream corridor was completed in 2014 to offset problems associated with development, channelization, and in-stream erosion. 

The East Fork Mill Creek runs along the west side of the property and proposed future uses for the property include a recreational trail along the stream. Newly installed in-stream structures and improvements to the riparian corridor enhance water quality and provide habitat for desirable aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. 

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Just north of the I-275 loop and directly east of I-75 in West Chester Township. The project site is accessible through the Upper Mill Creek Water Reclamation Facility: 6055 Centre Park Drive, West Chester, Ohio 45069.



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